Electric Car Charging on the Autobahns

February 5, 2017
Electric Car Charging on the Autobahns

In August 2009, the German government revealed a huge plan for electric mobility. Some work has been done, and such leading manufacturers as BMW, Daimler (Mercedes), the Volkswagen group and the German branches of Ford and GM (Opel) worked together to agree on common standards with German Institute for Standardization, several energy companies, manufacturers of batteries, connectors and industrial plugs involved. The result of their agreement was IEC 62196 standards and faster connector system, with DC current that will charge most EVs in less than half an hour.

This impressive idea was aimed to get us to the new step: installation of such powerful electric charging stations along the German autobahns. It happens so, the introduction of electromobility in the market happened along with the development of charging infrastructure for such vehicles. Still, some vehicle projects are working on respective infrastructure as well. The "Electric Mobility in Pilot Regions", a program funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, was aimed to improve the electric charging infrastructure and at the end of 2011 around 2000 charging stations were realized.

Some efforts were put into the development of appropriate charging stations and the integration of EV's in our daily life. Today, Germany's major utilities are working with leading automakers to develop this infrastructure with the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles. Efforts are also made in helping the public to become familiar with new mobility concepts. This, in turns, will help to make EVs more attractive to buyers. That is why today you can learn everything about EV just visiting a website. There is a plenty of information, as well of plenty of work to be done in this perspective both for human and the planet perception of electromobility.

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