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January 27, 2019
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Seeing one’s visitors on the world map is something a bit special, which brings us a bit closer to our audience. In Piwik we are proud to offer beautiful World Maps, that let you see your traffic at a glance, and lets you see more details as you zoom in.

Visitor Map showing Visits by Region

By default, the World Map is displayed. If you click on any area on the map to “zoom” in this area. You can click on a country to zoom in this country and display the view of traffic aggregated by region:

Map showing visits by City

Germany-map-showing-visits-by-regionWhen you are looking at a particular Country, you can on the icon to display the Map showing Visits aggregated by City.

Note that for easier visualizations, Cities that are close together are “clustered” in a bigger blue marker. This prevents displaying hundreds of cities markers and keep the map actionable.

How to change the metric being plotted on the Map?

By default, the map shows the number of Visits by country. You can select another metric (page views, time per page, bounce rate, etc.) in the bottom-right selector to refresh the map, and show for example bounce rate per country.

Like other reports in Piwik, it is easy to include the World Map in your App or backoffice. See below the example of the visitor map on this year:


World Map Showing Cities And Times Zones With Connections
World Map Showing Cities And Times Zones With Connections ...
Germany Show
Germany Show
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