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November 18, 2015
Typical German Highway

The German Avenue Road (German: Deutsche Alleenstraße) is a tree-lined holiday route that runs the length of Germany from the Baltic Sea to Lake Constance. About 2, 900 kilometres long, it is Germany's longest scenic route. The project is supported by the "German Avenue Route Association" (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Alleenstraße), whose members are the German Automobile Club ("ADAC"), the German Tourism Association, the German Forest Conservation Society and other institutions. The forestry scientist, Hans Joachim Fröhlich, was its major proponent.

The aim of the Association is to preserve, protect and maintain avenues in Germany and to restore old avenues after they were destroyed in many places in recent years by road development and safety projects. The Association says the Route connects "the East with West and North to South [and] is a symbol of German unity and common effort of the people of the old and new federal states for the protection of nature."

Cobblestones still serve as pavement on many avenues in the former East German areas. An spokesman for the Route says the average speed is about 70 km/h (43 mph).

The first segment of the German Avenue Road between Rügen Island and Reinsberg was inaugurated on May 3, 1993.


The vision for the creation of the German Avenue Road began shortly after German unification:

  1. Summer 1992 - Foundation established for "German Avenue Route" as a tourist facility and ideal connection between the old and new federal German states.
  2. June 13, 1995 - Opening of the 4th section between Wittenberg / Saxony-Anhalt Dresden / Saxony to Plauen / Saxony (420 miles)
  3. May 6, 1998—Opening of the 7th Leg between Braubach (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Karlsruhe / Ettingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg, 290 km)
  4. May 25, 2000—Opening of the 8th Leg of Karlsruhe (Ettlingen) to the island Reichenau in Lake Constance (Baden-Wuerttemberg, 335 miles)


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  2. Christopher Cottrell. "Dangerous Lanes: German State Aims to Curb Tree Deaths". Der Spiegel. Known for its majestically tree-lined boulevards, Brandenburg leaves its motorists little room for error. And now, with the number of tree-related deaths on the rise, the state Infrastructure Ministry called earlier this week for speed limits on the Brandenburg's most dangerous roads to be reduced to 70 kilometers per hour (43 mph). "In 2010, 192 people died on our streets - 78 of whom were killed by trees, " said Brandenburg's infrastructure minister, Jörg Vogelsänger.
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The Autobahn - The German Highway
The Autobahn - The German Highway
US Highway VS German Autobahn - Overtaking
US Highway VS German Autobahn - Overtaking
German Highway | Time Lapse
German Highway | Time Lapse
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